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    Customer Service Hotline:+86-531-81901282


    New Products

    Design a mature whitening scheme, Tailor-made customized products

    Optical Brightener OB-1

    C.I. : 393

    CAS NO. : 1533-45-5

    Appearance : Bright yellowish green cryst...

    Melting point : 357-360℃

    Application : suitable for various kinds o...

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    Shandong Subang Fluorescence Technology Co. LTD

    Located in the beautiful city of jinan. Since 1998, the company has been committed to the research and production of fluorescent brighteners and their intermediates, and has done a lot of research on the application of fluorescent brightene...




    SuBang  Fluorescence Technology

    • 增白劑效果引進國外先進技術

      Subang Technology

      More than 20 years of concentrated
      manufacturing,And cooperation with
      many universities

    • 熒光增白劑生產工廠

      Stable Quality

      Products have reached national standards
      , product purity of 99%, high stability,
      good weatherability, migration resistance

    • 塑邦穩定的供貨物流體系

      Rooted in technology

      By introducing advanced technology,
      Ensure product quality is more stable,
      Establish a stable supply logistics system

    • If you don't know what kind of model
      additives are used? Supang R&D team
      provides you with customized Introduction

    • Worried about insufficient inventory
      anddelayed delivery? Plastic State has 2
      production bases for 22 years, andLarge
      warehouses ensure the supply of goods

    • Provide you with 24-hour online service
      ,the technical engineerhandles the
      whole process regardless of any
      problems during the use of the product


    News Information

    Pay attention to the hot spots of SuBang, Keep up to date

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